Breakfast club book

Foreword by Ed Hardy

It all started in 2011 in the Inner Richmond at Eats Restaurant on  50 Clement Street  at 2nd Ave. There are five of us involved in this book project but the membership goes beyond us and includes all our friends that have sat at the table with us over the years. It started with  Mary   Joy  Scott, Mike Giant and Derick Montez since we all lived in the hood at the time. Paul Dobleman and Matt Howse joined in soon after and that was our solid crew.  

We showed up at breakfast one day with five painted sheets design only on each hand stained watercolor paper. Then we traded the sheets, and added to the sets in a rotation. It was like a game of telephone. The sheets took on a life of their own, each one developing a personality or a theme that was often unexpected, sometimes funny and always satisfying. Our styles merged together seemingly of their own accord...just as the personalities did at the breakfast table. There is a harmony here that is a direct outgrowth of our friendship. 

Features 30 Sheets of flash by Mike Giant, Paul Dobleman, Matt Howse, Derick Montez and Mary Joy

Printed in USA

Hard Cover - Hand Bound and Hand Stitched. Made with love. 

Independently Published.