103 pages of Shunga woodblock prints featuring over 300 erotic Japanese images. 

Featuring: Kuniyoshi, Harunobu, Eisen, Masanobu, Settei, Kunimori II, Utamaro, Toyokuni I, Hokuba, Koryusai and Eishi

A type of Japanese erotic art typically executed as a kind of ukiyo-e, often in woodblock print format. While rare, there are also extant erotic painted handscrolls which predate ukiyo-e. Translated literally, the Japanese word shunga means picture of spring; “spring” is a common euphemism for sex.

Shunga, as a subset of ukiyo-e, was enjoyed by all social groups in the Edo period, despite being out of favor with the shogunate. The ukiyo-e movement sought to idealize contemporary urban living and appeal to the new chōnin class. Shunga followed the aesthetics of everyday life and widely varied in its depictions of sexuality. Most ukiyo-e artists made shunga at some point in their careers.

11 x 8.5 soft cover

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